Press Archive

The Sunday Times, 11th February 2007

“…Cassa Pancho is a dance person with a mission — in her case, as the founder (in 2001) of Ballet Black, to establish more role models for young black and Asian dancers in classical ballet in Britain…”

The Independent on Sunday, 4th February 2007

“…The sight of gorgeous Monica Stephenson strutting her Balanchine style in a tiny white bikini, or tall Damien Johnson streaking out in a series of diagonal jumps of radiant poise and finish – leaves such qualms looking quite absurd…”

Evening Standard, 1st February 2007

“…For all this, credit to Pancho, and credit to her six young dancers who have poise and enthusiasm and allure. At the Linbury they showed a tenacity you do not always see in heritage troupes, and although very much fledglings, they had the commitment of old pros… ”

The Guardian, 2nd February 2007

“…as the choreography flexes its emotional muscle, with a crackle of combative dance, the electricity on stage promises a brave future for this company…”

The Stage, 1st February 2007

“…The programme was popular with the audience with some at the end calling out and stamping, as though at a football match…”

ADAD, 31st January 2007

“…The stealth of a gazelle poised with the grace and elegance of a Nubian spirit is the only way one can describe the amazing opening of Ballet Black’s current season of works by four choreographers…”

Pointe Magazine, online 1st February 2006

“…Pancho founded the company in response to her own question: “If no one is providing role models and inspiration to young dancers, how will we integrate the art form more fully?…”