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Culture Calling, 6th November 2018

Ballet Black is a dance company with a difference. For starters, they have recently collaborated on a new brown satin ballet shoe, which – unbelievably – wasn’t available for dancers of colour until now. And aside from their cultural impact as an award-winning, neo-classical ballet company made up of international dancers of black and Asian descent, their performances are completely mesmerising.

The British Theatre Guide, October 30th 2018

In a touring double bill of drama and wit, Ballet Black (founded in 2001), a company of seven, punches above its weight. Having reviewed the company three consecutive years in a row, I missed this bill at the Barbican in March and, lo, here’s a lucky chance to catch up with it in Kingston.

The Norwich Eye, October 28th 2018

Ballet Black remind us powerfully that in these times of increasing division and intolerance talent knows no boundaries of race or gender. They show us that we need to challenge those who seek to thwart ambition on false grounds of race, gender or orientation and they help us to celebrate the joyous talent and skills of this group of dancers…

The Jewish Chronicle, October 19th 2018

Ballet Black may be a small company — there are only seven dancers — but its influence is far greater than its size…Times are changing, albeit slowly, and the Ballet Black dancers show children from different ethnic backgrounds that ballet is something they can seriously consider as a career.

The Morning Star, October 17th 2018

It’s a production which typifies what Ballet Black is all about. Founded to provide roles for black and Asian dancers, it blends traditional ballet’s exacting discipline and contemporary dance’s inventiveness with virtuosity and elegance.

The Scotsman, 12th June 2018

In a flurry of glitter, he turns Shakespeare’s romantic comedy on its head, with same-sex relationships and a cracking soundtrack, although it’s the beauty of Titania and Bottom’s duet that’s most striking of all.

The Herald (Scotland), 11th June 2018

Small in size, but simply charged with far-reaching aspirations and brimming over with high end talent: that, more or less, sums up the London-based Ballet Black…

Bachtrack, 9th June 2018

While Coracy gives a show-stealing performance, the rest of the cast are also extremely funny. Their burlesque manner is smattered with audible gasps, loud snores, squeals and over-the-top facial expressions.

The Press and Journal, 7th June 2018

Monday night’s double bill from Ballet Black was a game changer, an evening of dance that raised standards to an impressive new high and left the audience whooping and yelling for more.

SeeingDance, 23rd March 2018
There is a very special buzz that accompanies Ballet Black performances. The Barbican Theatre was packed, the audience reflected London’s multicultural mix, arriving with every intention of enjoying a good night out, and the company did not disappoint.
DanceTabs, 21st March 2018
Another year and another terrific bill from Ballet Black, mixing two strong and sophisticated works from much sought after international choreographers....Clever Cassa Pancho, the Ballet Black director, for putting on one of the company’s finest nights.
The Times, 20th March 2018
Classy popular entertainment is certainly what Ballet Black’s artistic director Cassa Pancho delivers in the company’s latest touring programme, a well-contrasted double bill that offers drama and some altogether glorious romantic fun.
Exeunt Magazine, 19th March 2018
A Dream Within A Midsummer Night’s Dream, though, that had me repeatedly reaching out and excitably squeezing my companion’s hand. Arthur Pita’s playful, joyous, hilarious and unashamedly queer love letter to the world of Shakespeare’s fairies is also a teasing sext to the benchmarks of ballet.
Financial Times, 19th March 2018
The major UK ballet squads are all considerably more diverse than they were when Cassa Pancho founded her troupe 17 years ago and the pointe shoe manufacturers have re-thought their idea of “flesh-coloured”, but Ballet Black still has a key role to play: attracting new, atypical audiences and commissioning clever small-scale works (40 so far).
British Theatre Guide, 18th March 2018
You can’t not like this celebration of romantic possibilities with its witty choreography that eventually resolves back into Handelian classicism. The company dance it with style and affection. It’s a treat.