Ingoma by Mthuthuzeli November for Ballet Black
Jose Alves and Cira Robinson in Ingoma by Mthuthuzeli November for Ballet Black

Ingoma – Mthuthuzeli November

Choreographer: Mthuthuzeli November
Lighting Design: David Plater
Designs: Yann Seabra
Poet & dramaturg: Asisipho Ndlovu Malunga
Composer: Peter Johnson (b. 1986)

Music: Ingoma (2019)
Prayer & additional music: Mthuthuzeli November
Singers: The Ballet Black Company
Ingoma was inspired by the poem Blue Head (2018) by Asisipho Ndlovu Malunga

Ingoma was co-commissioned by the Barbican

Read an in-depth article by Zoë Anderson on the creation of INGOMA by Mthuthuzeli November

Click! – Sophie Laplane

Choreography: Sophie Laplane
Lighting Design: David Plater
Designs: Yann Seabra

Music arranged by Kenny Inglis (b. 1975)
Snapping Fingers (2017) composed & recorded by Ken Beebe (b.1955)
Static Click, Two of a Kind & The Click (2019) composed & recorded by Kenny Inglis
Away (2010) composed & recorded by To Rococo Rot
Just The Snap of Your Fingers (1962) recording by The Mudlarks, written by Larry Mercey (b. 1939), Ray Mercey (b. 1940) & Lynn Russwurn (1930-2016)


The Suit by Cathy Marston

The Suit – Cathy Marston

Director/Choreographer: Cathy Marston
Lighting Design: David Plater
Designer: Jane Heather
Dramaturg: Edward Kemp
Additional music composed by: Philip Feeney (b. 1954)

White Man Sleeps, movement 1 (1982), White Man Sleeps, movement 5 (1986) composed by Kevin Volans (b. 1949)
Canção verdes anos (2000) composed by Carlos Paredes (b. 1967) arr. Osvaldo Goliyov (b.1960)
Mini Skirt (1968) composed by Juan García Esquivel (b. 1918) arr. by Osvaldo Goliyov (b.1960)
Plasmaht (2003) composed by Ariel Guzik (b. 1960) arr. by Kronos Quartet
Scherzo: Holding Your Own! (1903) composed by Charles Ives (1874-1954)
Pano Da Costa (cloth from the coast) (1986) composed by Jon Hassell (b. 1937)
Morango… Almost a Tango (1983) composed by Thomas Oboe Lee (1945)
Tabú (1934) composed by Margarita Lecuona (1910-1981) arr. by Osvaldo Goliyov (b.1960)

Recordings by Kronos Quartet

A Dream Within A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2014) – Arthur Pita

Director/Choreographer: Arthur Pita
Lighting Designs: David Plater
Designs by Jean-Marc Puissant
Sound design: Andrew Holdsworth & Frank Moon

Sarabande keyboard suite in D minor (1733) composed by George Frideric Handel (1685-1759)
Malambo Part 1 sung by Yma Sumac (1922-2008) composed by Moises Vivanco
Gopher sung by Yma Sumac (1922-2008) composed by Gozzo/May
Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love) sung by Eartha Kitt (1927-2008) composed by Cole Porter
Lilac Wine sung by Jeff Buckley (1966-1977) written by James Shelton
Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered sung by Barbara Streisand (b. 1942) composed by Lorenz Hart & Richard Rodgers
Twilight by Antony & the Johnsons (2000) produced by Secretly Canadian

This ballet was originally commissioned in 2014 with support from The Royal Opera House


Ballet Black Cira Robinson and Mthuthuzeli November in Red Riding Hood by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa
Ballet Black Sayaka Ichikawa Cira Robinson Marie Astrid Mence and Isabela Coracy in Red Riding Hood by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa

Red Riding Hood – Annabelle Lopez Ochoa

Choreography: Annabelle Lopez Ochoa
Lighting Design: David Plater
Costume & Prop Design: Yann Seabra
With special thanks to Patricia Doyle for research and additional dramatic work on this ballet.
Hugues Le Bars (1950-2014) Tirez la pianist (2008),
Trou noir (1979), Comme une reine (2002), L’enfant (1991) & Loi du college (1995)
Armand Amar (b. 1953) Le Petit Loup (2008)
Armando Trovaioli (1917-2013) Sessomatto: Delitto Sessuale (1976)
Ernest Irving (1878-1953) & the Philharmonia Orchestra Touchez Pas Au Grisbi: Le Grisbi [The Touch] (1954)
Jean Marc Zelwer (b. 1960) The fiancée dream (1990)
René Aubry (b. 1956) Monday (2016)
Jo Yeong-wook (b. 1962) Under a Streetlight [from the motion picture Thirst] (2009)
Maria Kalaniemi (b. 1964) Sade Rain (2005)

Red Riding Hood was co-commissioned by the Barbican

Captured (2012) – Martin Lawrance

Choreography: Martin Lawrance
Costume: Rebecca Hayes
Lighting: David Plater
Music: String Quartet No. 11 in F minor, Op. 122 (1966)
Introduction: Andantino
Scherzo: Allegretto
Recitative: Adagio
Etude: Allegro
Humoresque: Allegro
Elegy: Adagio
Finale: Moderato
Recording: Brodsky Quartet (1999)

Ballet Black Isabela Coracy and Jose Alves in Captured by Martin Lawrance
Ballet Black Marie Astrid Mence and Jacob Wye in House of Dreams by Michael Corder

House of Dreams – Michael Corder

Choreography: Michael Corder
Lighting Design: David Plater
Costume Design: Yukiko Tsukamoto
Composer: Claude Debussy (1862-1918)
1. Prélude, 1st movement of the Suite Bergamasque for Piano (1905)
2. Des pas sur la Neige, Preludes for piano Book One: No. 6 (1910)
3. La Fille aux chevaux de Lin, Preludes for Piano Book 1: No. 8 (1910)
4. Passepied, 4th movement of the Suite Bergamasque for Piano (1905)

Recording by Pascal Rogé (b. 1951)

Dopamine (you make my levels go silly) – Ludovic Ondiviela (2013)

Choreography: Ludovic Ondiviela
Lighting Designs: David Plater
Costume Designs: Rebecca Hayes
Music: Perpetuum composed by Fabio D’andrea, recorded by the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Dian Tchobanov

Ballet Black in Dopamine by Ludovic Ondiviela

2001 – 2016

Cristaux – Arthur Pita
Storyville (2012) – Christopher Hampson
To Begin, Begin – Christopher Marney
Dogs Don’t Do Ballet (2014) – Christopher Marney

Second Coming – Mark Bruce
To Fetch A Pail Of Water – Kit Holder
Depouillement (2009) – Will Tuckett
Rhapsody In Blue – Christopher Marney
Dogs Don’t Do Ballet – Christopher Marney

Limbo – Martin Lawrance
Two of a Kind – Christopher Marney
A Dream Within a Midsummer Night’s Dream – Arthur Pita
Dogs Don’t Do Ballet – Christopher Marney

EGAL – Robert Binet
Dopamine (you make my levels go silly) – Ludovic Ondiviela
The One Played Twice – Javier de Frutos
War Letters – Christopher Marney

Together Alone – Jonathan Watkins
Running Silent – Jonathan Goddard
Captured – Martin Lawrance
Storyville – Christopher Hampson
Jubilee – Hubert Essakow

Orpheus – Will Tuckett
Synergy – Nandita Shankhardass

Da Gamba – Henri Oguike
And Thereafter… – Raymond Chai
Human Revolution – Robert Hylton
Sextet – Christopher Hampson

Kinderszenen – Antonia Franceschi
Pendulum – Martin Lawrance
Depouillement – Will Tuckett
Lament – Christopher Marney

Breach – Shobana Jeyasingh
Indigo Children – Liam Scarlett
Walk Through a Storm – Richard Alston

Hinterland – Liam Scarlett
Umdlalo kaSisi – Bawren Tavaziva
Taniec – Raymond Chai

Shift, Trip… Catch – Antonia Franceschi
Duel Fuel – Irek Mukhamedov

Elegie – Stephen Sheriff
Pas de Trois – Patrick Lewis

A New Beginning – Denzil Bailey
The Boogaloo Rooms – Cassa Pancho