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Founded in 2001 by Cassa Pancho MBE, Ballet Black is the UK/Europes first black professional neoclassical Ballet company. The company was established with a transformative vision for classical ballet, encapsulated by Pancho’s powerful motto, ‘Change Not Trend.’ This ethos not only underpinned the company’s mission to showcase diversity on stage and promote inclusivity for Black and Asian dancers, but also aimed to effect change behind the scenes and within the audience demographic. Over the last two decades, Ballet Black has emerged as a pivotal force in altering the landscape of British ballet. It has performed in over 100 venues, amassing the most diverse audience in the U.K. for classical ballet. The company’s unique position has allowed it to present diverse narratives that resonate with contemporary audiences, making it the sole professional ballet company in the U.K. with a cast equipped for such a revolutionary evolution in storytelling. Moreover, this unique positioning allows us to champion costume makers, writers, poets, and musicians in collaboration with our work. We do this by working with creatives who feel a sense of home and belonging when working with the company, enriching our productions and further diversifying the creative landscape.

Since its inception, Ballet Black has been a prolific commissioner of new and critically acclaimed ballets. Cassa Pancho has personally commissioned over 65 new works, actively supporting female choreographers from early stages of their careers, as well as identifying new and providing existing choreographic talent with an exceptional group of dancers and a platform to match. Ballet Black now firmly stands on its own right as an exceptional dance company. It is the first and only UK dance company to have won all three Critics Circle National Dance Company Awards, a testament to its pioneering role in championing transformative change in the ballet industry.

A year after launching Ballet Black, Pancho established the Ballet Black Junior School in 2002 to secure the future of ballet black dancers and make it accessible to children and families, especially in West London, who felt ballet was not an option for them. The school offers classes for children aged three to eighteen, providing both non-syllabus and Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus Examination classes in Shepherds Bush, Marylebone, and Stratford. Recognizing the importance of representation, the school ensures that students are taught by black and brown role models, including Pancho, company dancers, and other diverse teachers. The school is open to all children, promoting inclusivity and diversity in ballet education. The school has educated hundreds of children, including multigenerational families, with several students progressing to prestigious dance institutions like the Central School of Ballet, Rambert, and London Studio Centre.

As Ballet Black enters their third decade, the company, whose initial mission was to become wonderfully obsolete, has evolved into one that remains an absolutely essential part of the dance landscape.


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Internationally recognised for its vital message of giving black and Asian dancers the professional opportunities they merit based solely on their talent and dedication, Ballet Black continues to amaze.

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