The Metro, 19th Nov 2022

‘Personally, if just one little Black girl can be positively impacted through things like brown ballet shoes and tights, and train with people who look like her, then Ballet Black has done its job.’

Muse, 7th Nov 2022

In just over 40 minutes, Ballet Black provided a versatile, creative and compact performance, showcasing a dance for every taste and age.

Afridiziak, 27th Oct 2022

This particular piece highlighted exactly why companies like Ballet Black need a platform; to diversify dance and turn dreams into realities for black and brown dancers around the globe.

Gramilano, 20th Oct 2022

Say It Loud/Black Sun Review
The choreography throughout is neoclassical in style, well-rehearsed and beautifully executed.

Redbrick Culture, 6th Oct 2022

…Eight talented ballet dancers that danced with passion and shared beliefs in the empowerment of people of Black and Asian descent in the world of ballet. And together they bought that stage to life.

The Birmingham Press, 29th Sep 2022

What a pleasure it was to watch this double bill by Ballet Black. A company of eight dancers, the individuality of each was allowed to shine through, whilst an overarching ensemble approach provided a strong framework and some beautiful moments of dance.

The Lead, 22nd SEP 2022

‘PEOPLE STILL DON’T LIKE THE IDEA OF A BLACK BALLERINA’ – Cira Robinson, Ballet Black’s principal dancer, on humble beginnings, overcoming elitism, and building true inclusivity.

The Stage, 5th MAY 2022

Over 20 years, Ballet Black has become a major force in the dance world. Founder and artistic director Cassa Pancho tells Tim Bano about the racism that persists in the industry, championing new work and talent, and why the company is unlikely to stage The Nutcracker any time soon.

The New York Times, 25th April 2022

At Ballet Black, Creating Opportunity for British Dancers
The company was founded 20 years ago for dancers of colour, who are often shut out of the British classical dance world.

Abundant Art, 4th April 2022

The movements, combined with the eclectic score and how the gold on the costumes catches the light and makes the stage glisten and glow, make the performance hypnotic and otherworldly.

I News, 31st March 2022

Ballet Black double bill, Barbican, review: Wit and joyful energy show the way for the future of dance
An exuberant 20th-anniversary show presented two contrasting premieres, one telling the company’s own story

Aremuorin, 29th March 2022

This was exciting. A thrill, and fit for a family show. For anyone who has not seen Ballet Black, before, you are in for a treat.