Aremuorin, 29th March 2022

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Say It Loud/Black Sun Review

March 29, 2022
By Aremuorin

This was exciting. A thrill, and fit for a family show. For anyone who has not seen Ballet Black, before, you are in for a treat.

This was my first time too. Never been to the Ballet before. Surprisingly, I was not the only one. You’d think of it in a prejudiced way that it’s something black folks are not into in a somewhat naive way. Boy, was I wrong.

This production takes us on a voyage of the extremities of human fragility, spiritually, socially and politically through dance. Without saying, it was artistic in every sensibility. Rich in music and cultural references across the world.

The celebration of diversity with inclusion were boxes checked through out. It was in two parts. Say It Loud (World Premier) and Black Sun (World Premier).

Watching, you would wonder what more stones could be left unturned. Explosive at times, witty to the core; making you gasp for more ecstasy and euphoria. The Q & A after with the director and production team, was just as exciting.

It led to a greater understanding of the plot and challenges the company had to deal with over the past decade, or decades – individually, likewise – equally commercially, as a business.

The producers and writers of this masterclass leave a lot to the imagination creatively whilst we celebrate a shift in culture from different perspectives. A wonderful milestone for ballet (Ballet Black) and a brand new hope for a new found generation.

The dancers teased us through out with their impeccable honed talents touching just about any dance genre there is that was ever invented – singing live, acting and dancing, introspectively within the same space – simultaneously. Whether it was a pirouette, jive, traditional (roots), contemporary or old – they slayed them all.

You must see this piece, next time around. Now you know there is Ballet. Now you know there is Ballet Black.

You can not unsee it. When you thought you knew what was coming but the narrative was revised. Evocative Piece…