Bachtrack, 11th March 2023

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Ballet Black: Pioneers

11th March 2023
By Graham Watts


Ballet Black is a small company that has always punched above its weight. For most of its life to date, that capability has had much to do with the incomparable star quality of Cira Robinson, who left the company, after 14 glorious years, at the end of 2022, to become artistic director of the Yorkshire Ballet Seminars. The departure of a leading dancer is profoundly felt in any company, but I took my seat at The Barbican wondering how significant a loss this would be for such a small ensemble when Robinson had been so much its leading light.

The ensuing two hours of palpable enjoyment proved that life after Cira will be different but no less auspicious. Ballet Black is nothing if not resilient and this diverse double bill evidenced that the sum is far greater than any of its parts.

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