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Gramilano, 10th March 2023

‘Everything about the company is admirable, and it was wonderful to see such a diverse and appreciative audience’.

Changing the scene by Zoë Anderson

From adventurous choreography to the shoes on the dancers’ feet, Ballet Black is transforming the dance landscape. Zoë Anderson finds out how they do it.

The Metro, 19th Nov 2022

‘Personally, if just one little Black girl can be positively impacted through things like brown ballet shoes and tights, and train with people who look like her, then Ballet Black has done its job.’

Muse, 7th Nov 2022

In just over 40 minutes, Ballet Black provided a versatile, creative and compact performance, showcasing a dance for every taste and age.

Afridiziak, 27th Oct 2022

This particular piece highlighted exactly why companies like Ballet Black need a platform; to diversify dance and turn dreams into realities for black and brown dancers around the globe.

Gramilano, 20th Oct 2022

Say It Loud/Black Sun Review
The choreography throughout is neoclassical in style, well-rehearsed and beautifully executed.