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23 Mar: SeeingDance, 23rd March 2018

There is a very special buzz that accompanies Ballet Black performances. The Barbican Theatre was packed, the audience reflected London’s multicultural mix, arriving with every intention of enjoying a good night out, and the company did not disappoint.

21 Mar: DanceTabs, 21st March 2018

Another year and another terrific bill from Ballet Black, mixing two strong and sophisticated works from much sought after international choreographers....Clever Cassa Pancho, the Ballet Black director, for putting on one of the company’s finest nights.

20 Mar: The Times, 20th March 2018

Classy popular entertainment is certainly what Ballet Black’s artistic director Cassa Pancho delivers in the company’s latest touring programme, a well-contrasted double bill that offers drama and some altogether glorious romantic fun.

19 Mar: Exeunt Magazine, 19th March 2018

A Dream Within A Midsummer Night’s Dream, though, that had me repeatedly reaching out and excitably squeezing my companion’s hand. Arthur Pita’s playful, joyous, hilarious and unashamedly queer love letter to the world of Shakespeare’s fairies is also a teasing sext to the benchmarks of ballet.

19 Mar: Financial Times, 19th March 2018

The major UK ballet squads are all considerably more diverse than they were when Cassa Pancho founded her troupe 17 years ago and the pointe shoe manufacturers have re-thought their idea of “flesh-coloured”, but Ballet Black still has a key role to play: attracting new, atypical audiences and commissioning clever small-scale works (40 so far).

17 Mar: The Upcoming, 17th March 2018

Ballet Black’s performances are exemplary, truly magnificent and accomplished dance pieces. With enduring, graceful, and passionate dances, this company have proved once again that neither race nor colour has any place in the arts.

16 Mar: Broadway World, 16th March 2018

Pita's interpretation of Shakespeare's Dream is a colourful, engaging and lively work. Its status as a signature within the repertoire is no surprise given the joy it delivers from beginning to end, showcasing the company at their mesmerising best.

07 Mar: Plays To See, 7th March 2017

This was an altogether outstanding evening: an admirably varied and testing, showcase for the all-round talents of this remarkable company. The sense of a special occasion was reflected in the buzz among the audience at the end amid a desire for a return visit before long.

06 Mar: The Evening Standard, 6th March 2017

Ballet Black are a rare commodity in the dance world. Not because they’re a ballet company made up exclusively of black and Asian dancers – although that’s inspiring in itself – but because they’re a small-scale chamber ballet company with a mission to commission new work, operating without any of the infrastructure bigger companies take for granted.

06 Mar: The Times, 6th March 2017

Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s new take on Red Riding Hood is the kind of ambitious one-act storytelling creation that gives Ballet Black its distinctive advantage in the independent dance scene. The piece has a vibrant atmosphere, dynamic choreography, deliciously entertaining music, standout performances and a sense of dark fun. And it’s almost a runaway success.