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April-June Diary 2004

April-June Diary 2004

by Cassa Pancho


Money makes the World go ‘round

I’m not really sure what to write in this diary, as everything that’s been happening to Ballet Black has been fairly quiet. Unless of course you find it interesting to read my accounts of what great, stimulating fun it is to write funding applications? They are quite simply the most tedious, impossible, baffling things in the world – the only exception being a two-hour Labanotation session (although the lecturer I had at college was great fun and meant for much more exciting things in life) with questions thought up by people with far too much time on their hands and far too little artistic or practical knowledge. It can sometimes feel that They (the funders) are deliberately trying to destroy your passion for what you do, to ensure that you are actually worthy of their money. If you can successfully negotiate the gamut of lengthy questions, such as:

“Please give details about how your activity will benefit the surrounding region (if not already clearly indicated in Category B, Section ii), and communities that have restricted cultural infrastructure (also mentioned on page 412, sub-category iii, clause 7) and how your activity will contribute to and make a lasting change to the Arts. Wherever possible, please tell us how much it will cost to make this lasting change and outline your ideas in a 40-page document, using only Berlin Sans FB type in no less than a size 9 font. Make sure you also include a detailed explanation of how your activity will affect (directly or indirectly) Mankind and its direction hereafter.”

then you stand at least a fighting chance. Fortunately for Ballet Black and myself, I have been introduced to several people who actually know what a sub-category is, so, with some hard work and biting of my tongue on my part, and a little patience on theirs, we may be in luck.

What’s happ’nin

As for the School, I can only say that the kids are, as usual, lovely and progressing so well. Marina has completed her RAD degree with a fabulous mark, but I’m not allowed to say what because she’s convinced Durham University (who validate the degree) will call and say it’s all been a mistake, so I’m not supposed to jinx her – but I will say CONGRATULATIONS! I was (and still am) equally as weird as her, especially when I was in college. There’s nothing like years of being at ballet school to give you a unique perspective of the world. Anyway. It’s all very exciting because we have two mums at the school who are Real Life Actresses. One is the lady from those personal injury adverts (“will I receive 100% of the compensation?!”) and the other is from Eastenders – a field where Marina scores an A+ every time. Her knowledge of that show is phenomenal! So with all that showbiznez* going on, we are ready to Officially push Sylvia Young off the top spot.

Ballet Black has something coming up that has only been confirmed 99.9%, so all I can say is that if it goes ahead, I will be very Gay with happiness and bursting with Pride. In Brighton. Possibly on the 1st of August. Most likely on the seafront. But you didn’t hear nuffin from me.

My Alvin Ailey review came out (in print, not the closet, not that we would judge if it did) in the Dance Gazette but unfortunately for me, one hilarious gag after another has been edited out. Of course, as you will never read the original version you’ll just have to take my word for it.

So that’s it. This will be the last diary I write for now, but if Bruce the Editor has no objections, I will start again at the end of the year. If anyone has the burning desire to find out what’s happening with Ballet Black, there’ll be updates on the website.

See ya!

* My spellcheck offers “cowbanes” as an alternative spelling for this. What the hell is that?!